Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We offer cutting-edge technology for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, forex, and online electronic brokerage to individual and institutional traders all over the world. Our services enable individuals, corporations, and others who do not have any background in these fields to actively participate in financial markets and benefit from expertly managed investment and trading portfolios.

If you fit the category below, then we are the best for you:

  • You have a savings and investment goal and need a reputable firm to invest with.
  • You want your money to work for you while you are asleep or on an holiday.
  • You are looking for the discipline to keep your savings and investments for a long period of time without tampering with them.
  • You wants to plan your financial goals with easy to use financial tools.

Our platform was built with the security of your payment data in mind. Critical customer data is encrypted and securely stored.

Client funds are held in separate client money trust accounts with AA graded banks using the highest level of protection.

  • Bank Grade Security: All transactions and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information.
  • Best-In-Class Assets: All our investment options are carefully screened, managed by professional investment managers. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: All our activities are in full compliance with regulatory requirements to the ultimate protection of our clients.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): 2FA is an extra layer of protection to ensure the security of your account beyond just a username and password. All verifications for key transactions pass through the 2FA process.

For more information regarding our safety of funds, continue here.

Opening an account with us is quite fast and simple. Click the “Login” button on the top section of our website or click here to fill in the registration form directly.

Once the application form is submitted, you will be redirected to your account dashboard.

We offer a robust payment system where you can fund your trading account fast and securely.


Investments and Returns

You can create as many investment plans as you wish. There’s no limit to how much you can make from our platform.

For every plan created on our platform, there is a maturity period assigned to it. For each maturity period range, there is an attached interest rate. Your investments will earn returns daily. This is done by prorating the annual interest rate attached to your plan. That is, a daily breakdown of the annual interest rate is paid on the available balance in your plan(s) each day. Also, as big fans of compound interest, your returns compound annually or whenever you rollover your plan after maturity.


Your plans start to earn returns the following day after you purchased the investment plan and on daily basis thereafter. Your daily returns are credited to your account every 24 hours.

Absolutely. Our dashboard was designed with this objective in mind. You can monitor the progress on your  investment plans and returns on daily basis on our easy-to-understand dashboard.

We also send email notifications to your registered email address and phone numbers for key transactions on your account, so nothing goes unnoticed or unapproved by you.

Withdrawals and Payouts

You can only withdraw at the set maturity date. You can choose to withdraw some or all of your savings together with interests. You can decide to rollover the plan for another period or withdraw part or whole.

Rolling over matured plans for another period makes it possible to enjoy compound returns.

Withdrawing your money is as quite simple and withdrawals are settled almost instantly.

To initiate a withdrawal, do follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account, click here to login
  2. Click on withdraw from the bottom menu or the side menu.
  3. Choose a withdrawal method.
  4. Input your withdrawal details and then follow the withdrawal instructions listed.
  5. Click “Withdraw now” after you’ve filled the form.
  6. A email notification will be sent when your request is fully reviewed and authenticated.
  7. You’d receive your funds in minutes after verification.

You can create as many investment plans as you wish. There’s no limit to how much you can make from our platform.

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